KH000 Kopimashin

Publicerat: 2015-12-22. Taggat:

Inte visste jag att Peter Sunde hade en artsy fartsy sida. Han har iaf byggt en manick som ska ruinera musikindustrin. Ledtråd: denna manick är inte TBP. Här finns en video med mashinen i full fart.

The Kopimashin creates an endless amount of copies of a specific audio track (gnarls barkley’s crazy). The audio track is copied to /dev/null, a unix data pipe for avoiding permanent storage. The Kopimashins lcd display consists of three rows of information, the serial number of the mashin, amount of copies created and the dollar value it represents in losses for the record labels (Downtown Records / Warner Music), currently represented by USD1,25 per copied piece. The goal of the kopimashin is to make the audio track the most copied in the world and while doing so bankrupting the record industry.